Shashidhar Pai (he/him/they)

CS Graduate Student at Brown University

Shashidhar Pai

Incoming MLE Intern at Twitter | Grad at Brown University | Seeking Full Time Roles for Dec 22'

I have 3+ years of experience in data science solving business problems across the retail domain. Have built many large-scale Prescriptive & Predictive models leveraging various statistical and machine learning algorithms. Currently pursuing Master's in Computer Science at Brown University. Working as a Head Teaching Assistant for Deep Learning (Spring 22), Data Ethics and Society (Fall 22).


Phone: +1 401 489 8350

Address: Providence, Rhode Island


Twitter (Incoming) June 2022 - Sept 2022

California, United States

Machine Learning Intern - Twitter Health

The mission of the Health organization at Twitter is to keep our users safe from negative experiences in a highly adversarial environment. This aligns with the company's top priority: growing the collective health, openness, and civility of public conversation.

Victoria's Secret and Company | Ex - Lbrands Jan 2018 - Aug 2021

Bangalore, India

Senior Data Analyst

  • Customer Marketing Segmentation: Analyzed customer profiles and transactions at varying levels of granularity, by segmenting the 32 million active customer base into behavioural segments using cluster analysis. This enabled the merchandising and marketing teams to plan efficient promotions and execute direct marketing campaigns for VS.

  • Customer Analytics: Offered strategic insights on product marketing activities, store performances, and customer behavior using advanced analytical techniques such as clustering, logistic models, association rule mining, and decision trees using tools like Python, SQL, SAS, and R.

  • Surveillance Video Analytics: Led the project to draw insights into the customer's in-store journey and behavior. Generated store heat maps and used object detection model YOLOv3 to track customers in-store journey and footfall statistics.

Nasdaq Jun 2017 - Jul 2017

Bangalore, India


  • Recommendation Engine: Built a hybrid recommendation engine framework based on a combination of collaborative and content-based filtering to provide tailored article recommendations to the clients of Nasdaq.

  • Investor Targeting Engine: Developed an algorithm using decision trees and association rule mining to help clients target their investors, by analyzing and providing strategic insights involved in their interactions with the investors.


Masters in Computer Science, Brown University

Providence, Rhode Island

Courses: Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Data Science, Data Visualization in VR, Privacy and Personal Data Protection

Head Teaching Assistant:

  • Data Ethics and Society DATA0080 w/ Dr. Deborah Hurley - Fall 2022

  • Deep Learning CSCI2470 w/ Dr. Ritambhara Singh - Spring 2022

Graduate Teaching Assistant:

  • Data Engineering DATA1050 w/ Dr. Samuel Watson - Fall 2021

Bachelors in Computer Science, PES University

Bangalore, India

Courses: Machine Learning, Data Science, Advanced Algorithms, Database Management Systems, Social Network Analysis, Image Processing, Information Retrieval

Research Intern: KAnOE – the Centre for Knowledge Analytics and Ontological Engineering



I am a novice photographer, trying to get behind the shutter more often than not!


I love to solve puzzles, one piece at a time!


From Turahalli to Shining Sea Bikeway I am always up for a ride!